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The Stuff Jill Marie Loves...

The things most important in my life?  Spirituality, nature, furry people (I mean animals here, not humans who need to shave!), my family (and that includes the furry and feathered ones!), my church, and did I mention SUGAR GLIDERS?!   Please visit my sugar glider "encyclopedia" by clicking HERE It has some of the same information as found here, but much, much more.  You can also find some sugar glider supplies, such as pouches, treats, toys and more by clicking HERE.  For some cool photo art (magnets, bookmarks, transfers, mugs, and shirts) of  sugar gliders, click here

 To see some great videos of my sugar gliders, you can see my full collection on Youtube, just click here: BosomBuddyCreations

I love to write, listen to music, make things, and most of all, cuddle with my furry friends (animals again here!)  My Sugar Glider family makes up the warmest parts of my life.  They have captured my heart.

 I will be writing about all the things in life that make life warm and wonderful...for me.  I will try to include information that is helpful, educational, and makes your life a tiny bit more sunny for you as well. 

I had added a "blog" but decided to remove it to leave more room for information.  My Blog has been moved to here (click that!) there is also a forum there for you!

Feel free to visit my testimonial pages from customers HERE and HERE.

Have a wonderful day and may God Bless You!

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed building it for you!

To Contact Me:

Please visit my home site at Bosom Buddy Creations to contact me.  Unfortunately I had to remove my contact page here due to all the spam, and the limited number of messages I am allowed on this website.  To those of you who spam: you are weenies!


Yes I played a small part in 2 movies actually!  Well, I didn't actually play a part in THAT sense...but I had the unique experience of working on the set of 2 movies!  One was "Sorcerers Apprentice" starring Nicholas Cage!  I did get to speak with him for a short moment, but had extensive conversations with Alfred Molina, Jay Baruchel, and even had the pleasure to converse with Jerry Bruckheimer! (he loves animals almost as much as I do!)

While there were alot of people that contributed to the movie, my "job" was to train the "wolves" to make a snarly face for the movie, and I also helped in training them for their "jump" scene.  We couldnt have done it without all the people that volunteered, but I want to say a special thank you to Diana, Gary, Steve McCauliff (my animal agent) and Kim (his assistant).

Read more about this on the page "Wolves and Wolf-dogs" be added soon!  I will also be adding pictures from the set as well as pictures of me and the "wolves" during the training.

My family also had the pleasure of working on the set of the movie "Morning Glory" and had the opportunity to meet Diane Keaton!  She is such a nice lady and she loved our sugar gliders!  YES one of our little sugar gliders, Frodo, was in the movie with Diane Keaton, he even pooped on her! What a good little boy!


The first thing I want to stress here is that my experiences are in NO way meant to tell you what to do in providing care for your furry family members.  I am relaying what has worked for me and my purpose is only to get you to realize there are always other options and do some research!

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All information and photos/videos on this site are owned by me.  All photos/videos were taken by me and I own the copyright on them (I have included a couple pictures  of me that were taken by friends and have been put here with permission). Please do not use any material on this site without my permission.  Thank you!

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